Are you excited about the idea of ​​creating your own clothing brand? Do you think you can be good at designing, marketing and selling clothing? There are many factors to consider before starting your project.
If your idea is to personalize with screen printing or embroidery all kinds of basic clothing: t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts or ready-made clothing, you are in the right place. If what you want is to design your own clothes (basic pattern) to later manufacture them from scratch, stay because this may also interest you.
As you may have already experienced, the first problem that comes your way has been finding an online clothing supplier with affordable prices that you can trust. Let me guess ... You haven't found any!

  All wholesale clothing sellers have very high prices and this is added to the exaggerated shipping costs that you face when finalizing the payment. You do calculations and the accounts do not come out ...
  This is because the websites that sell wholesale clothing are intermediaries of the real manufacturers, this implies an increase in the price of the garments, that is, you will pay more. If you add to that what the embroidery or screen printing of the clothes is going to cost you, you are left with a very small margin.  
  Don't be discouraged, that's what we're here for. Our mission is to get you to find the best quality t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces and everything you need with the lowest possible price ... And also with totally free shipping. Yes, you read that right, Free shipping!
  At the top of our home  you can access collections classified as menswear to the wholesale , women 's clothing to the wholesale , children 's clothes and baby to the wholesale , and ultimately, clothing employees to the wholesale 
  You have already solved the main one of your problems; get an online clothing supplier. Even if you don't trust yourself ... You will face many more challenges that you will have to overcome if you want your clothing store to be successful.
  In this blog we will tell you how to create your clothing brand step by step. We will publish more posts like this one where you can solve all your doubts and ask us anything you need in the comments part or by writing to us through the contact page .  



  You have been able to verify that getting an online clothing supplier is not an easy task. We let you know! Now you will face other problems that can be even more difficult when creating a clothing brand.  
  Most likely, before buying wholesale clothing you already had the logo and designs prepared. In this case, you will be looking for where to customize it to create a unique collection and put it on sale. If you are looking to screen print or embroider clothes and you live in Madrid, here you will  find a workshop where to do it. If you live outside of Madrid, contact us  to advise you on the best stores where you can customize t-shirts, sweatshirts and all kinds of clothing.

  Do not worry if you have difficulties with making your logo or do not know how to make designs for t-shirts, sweatshirts or other types of clothing. If you want to create a professional brand, it is best to leave it in the hands of experts in the field. In this  link you can hire true experts in the creation of logos and designs for clothing items.

  Finally, it is our duty to warn you that the prices of silk-screen printing and embroidery of clothes are very varied. Since it not only depends on the design itself (colors, size, composition of the garment ...). The amount of clothing you are going to customize will also influence. Logically, the more clothes you wear, the lower the price per garment you are going to pay will be.



How do I sell the clothes I have?

   Once you have managed to find a company that provides you with wholesale clothing and a workshop where to make it, it is time to put it on sale. 

   For this, you will have to have previously learned how to do it. The methods to sell clothes can be many: Instagram, Facebook, Web ... The reality is that the most advisable thing would be to use them all.

   If you only focus, for example, on selling through your website, it will take a long time to start selling organically and you will have to invest a lot of money in ads. This is because a new web page requires time and money to be able to position it on the first page of search engines such as Google.

  Our recommendation would be to start with a simple website that you are capable of handling (more or less) and that does not require high monthly maintenance costs. For this you can use Shopify, WordPress and a dozen servers like these.

  In addition, today it is crucial to have a presence on social networks. And the more you use the better. This is not about creating profiles on all the platforms you know, but using them daily providing valuable content to attract customers and make yourself known.

  If you already have your website available and the profiles on social networks that you are going to manage, we recommend investing what you can in ads. You can do these both on Google through Google Ads  and on Facebook  to reach more people on your Instagram, Facebook profiles ...

  You should know that it will take some time to learn how to create ads successfully. But think about it, it will be worth it. You will be able to reach your potential customers and show them your products, which will increase your sales and make you known among your target audience.




Tips to grow on Instagram!

  To achieve a profitable Instagram profile, you have to take into account certain behaviors that we often miss. Is having a good product and an active account enough? The reality is, no.

  One factor that has become very important in recent years are Instagram stories. This tool is increasingly used due to its reach and the ease of interaction with followers. It is very convenient to get more out of Instagram stories making use of stickers, hastags, locations and naming accounts that will help us show our stories in the explores section. In this way, many people who do not know our account will be able to discover it and therefore we will win clients (or potential clients).

  It's also important to create entertaining and visual content. The upward trend of uploading videos instead of images is increasing. Instagram knows that users prefer this type of content and that is why it positions them better. We can realize this by taking into account the increase in users who register on TikTok  and the increase in videos that appear on Instagram in the explores section with respect to the images in this same section.



  So far it seems easy. But creating an eye-catching story that captures users' attention is tricky. Some of our tips to achieve this are: use bright colors that arouse curiosity, provide valuable content and do not always try to sell something, use as little text as possible and highlight the ideas that we want to convey in the story. 

  It is no mystery that people love to be gifted with things. Giveaways are still one of the most important factors in increasing the number of followers. Brands put as a condition to participate naming them and uploading something related to them to their stories, since this is a way of telling the Instagram algorithm that their account is relevant and there are many people interested in it (which will increase their positioning). They will also reach many more users and increase the number of followers.

  Finally, it is important to note that people use Instagram to see other "known" people. Therefore, partnering with influencers recognized by our audience to create content that captures their attention will always be a good idea.




What does buying wholesale clothing entail?


 One of the key objectives of a business is "buy low and sell high." The clothing retail business is no different. If you want to start a clothing business, buying in bulk is the best way to buy at the lowest price, so you can add your margin and then sell your products for a decent profit. Buying in bulk is not difficult once you find the right places with the inventory you are looking for.


 What is wholesale clothing?

 If you are new to the world of wholesale clothing, you may be wondering how you can buy wholesale clothing online or how it differs from how you shop for clothing in a store. One of your biggest challenges as a clothing store owner is probably finding clothes to sell in your store. Well, buying clothes in bulk makes it so much easier (and cheaper). When you buy in bulk, you often buy directly from the manufacturer. Unlike retail, where clothing has to go through several different hands before reaching you, you can buy clothing in bulk at the lowest possible prices.




The basics of wholesaling clothing

 "Where do I find wholesale clothing for my store?" How do I buy basic wholesale clothing? is what fashion entrepreneurs wonder when looking for trendy products to sell. Working with wholesale clothing suppliers for stores has several advantages and disadvantages, namely:


 -Sale of basic clothing: Wholesalers will provide you with catalogs of dozens of products that have already been sold in boutiques around the world. So when you go shopping, you can often see the same clothes in multiple stores. Wholesalers will sell the same catalog products to your store and everyone else's. Although they won't sell a unique product that no one else has, buying clothes from wholesalers reduces the time you have to spend making your own clothes or traveling to markets or fashion fairs.


 -Fast order delivery: Usually working with wholesalers to get the goods from your store is faster. You order the products you see in the catalog, pay for the order and receive the shipment in a couple of days or weeks. If you're looking for high-quality clothing, be sure to vet your wholesale suppliers starting with small orders and checking for quality before selling.


 -Less control over price: Since you are selling products from a wholesaler, an increase in your selling price will mean a decrease in your profit margin or an increase in your retail price for customers. You'll want to avoid the latter of the two options, as customers become cautious as prices gradually rise. When working with simple wholesale clothing suppliers, you should also be on the lookout for wholesalers who sell the same products online that they sell to you, but at a lower cost. 


 Key takeaways

 Discovering the world of wholesale clothing can be a bit confusing and intimidating if you are a newbie. However, it is worth the investment in time and effort to start the process of buying wholesale clothing for your clothing business.




What clothes can you find in TJ Group?


 You may often wonder or be curious about the type of clothing sold at TJ Group Wholesale Clothing, and eventually you may not be able to get a perfect answer to satisfy your curiosity.

 When we talk about clothing from the TJ group in Spain, we are talking about a top-level clothing distributor that deals with supplying men's and women's clothing, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts ... And all of the best quality on the market.

 If you are considering buying simple t-shirts online, then the perfect thing for you is to buy them at TJ Group Wholesale Clothing; buying simple t-shirts of any category online throughout Spain has never been easier.

 TJ Group also offers wholesale plain sweatshirts and all kinds of clothing items that you can find on our website. If you are still considering buying wholesale clothing online in Spain, then TJ Group is your perfect choice for unique wholesale clothing supplies.

 TJ Group adapts to the latest world trends and new clothing collections, and in the same vein, always providing a touch of distinction to each garment that, together with pleasant finishes and details, make TJ Group a leader among wholesalers of women, men and children's clothing in Spain and throughout Europe.

 TG Group is a clothing distributor you need for your wholesale clothing needs. What are you waiting for to get those ideal clothes you need to start your brand? Visit the "products" section and add everything you need to the cart.

 Whenever you need help with your business, don't forget that the TJ group will always be available to help you with everything possible.




How to choose clothing suppliers for my store?


 The wholesale clothing industry has been flourishing over the years. However, with so many wholesalers, choosing the best wholesale clothing supplier for your store is becoming increasingly difficult.

 The luxury clothing industry in Spain plays an important role in the European and global market, but a closer look reveals that this vital role must be viewed from three different angles: from the brand side, from the brand side manufacturing and from the consumer side.

 Regarding brands, Spanish clothing companies are among the world leaders in fast-fashion (Inditex or Mango being the most prominent Spanish protagonists), but they are not part of the select group of global luxury brands. There are some well-known Spanish luxury brands, although the most prominent are foreign, such as the high-end fashion group Loewe (part of the French luxury group LVMH), but their importance in the global retail economy is largely outweighed by the of the low-cost fashion brands that have made Spain a global player.


 Where you buy your clothes is a vital factor when managing a store both online and physical, it will make or break your business. So it's best to make sure you gather enough information before making a decision.

 If you are looking to source quality products for your brand, there are several high-end clothing suppliers around the world. There are European countries where we can find high quality fashion such as Italy, France and Spain. It is essential to understand what kinds of products you want and the materials you want them with. Textiles from Spain are often used in clothing manufacturing in Italy and France, while Italian leather is the best quality in the world.

 The most important part of finding high-end clothing suppliers in Spain is usually the sampling stage. To be sure your manufacturers are creating high-quality finished products, sampling and collaboration throughout the design stage are essential. To do this, collaborative planning software can be useful for centralizing communications between your suppliers and storing critical comments and design notes.

 Once you've cultivated a strong, reciprocal relationship with your high-quality fashion supplier, you can bypass the sampling stage and optimize your production processes.

How to choose the best wholesale clothing suppliers for your store?

 If you are looking for a wholesale clothing supplier, you need to find out what you want to focus on: Clothing style, quality, price ... Once you decide, you need to think about whether to look for a foreign or local supplier. If your business is based in Spain, you may try your luck with some Spanish clothing suppliers to provide higher quality clothing at better prices than having to import it from abroad.

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